“Respect the chicken”

Our birds enter the world through two of the country’s most innovative hatcheries, located in the middle of America’s Heartland. The chicks are pampered from the onset; each egg is even gently rocked to simulate a mother hen’s rolling of an egg in the nest.

Upon hatching, the chicks mature on some 300 small independently operated family farms scattered across Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas. These independent, growers are a trusted and respected group of farmers and friends many of whom have provided healthy and humane flocks to us for generations.

We work closely with these independent growers, providing them with a fair price for their flocks and providing them the very best advice and support in raising the very best chickens they can. Many of the growers sport newly built chicken houses employ the latest comfort technologies to improve air quality, temperature and more. With their honest labor and painstaking efforts, Simmons is able, in-turn to deliver top quality, consistent and safe products without sacrificing our principles, or respect for the chicken.