Making ourselves useful since 1949.

Since 1949 when Bill Simmons helped found our company, Simmons Foods has been know for its business foresight, innovation and loyalty to customers. In fact, some of our customer relationships go back almost fifty years.

1949 – Originally located in Decatur, Arkansas.
Our company was co-founded in 1949, by M.H. Bill Simmons (R) and his business partner, Frank Pluss (L). In contrast with today’s modern facilities, the company’s first offices and processing plant were located in a renovated hotel in Decatur, Arkansas.

On the construction site of the processing plant in 1951.  Company founders Frank Pluss (l) and Bill Simmons (r)

1950s – Early success. A reputation for ingenuity.
In 1952, we built our second plant and company headquarters in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Within a few years, Bill Simmons bought out his partner. He became known for his ingenuity in all parts of the business.

Simmons' first plant; billed as the "largest, most modern poultry processing plant in the world" shortly after completion in 1952.

Inside the Siloam Springs Processing Plant. Circa 1950s.

1960s – Years ahead of the industry.
During the 1960s, Bill Simmons (R) was renowned for creating further-processed, value-added products—years ahead of the rest of the industry. He was also a pioneer in exporting, and in converting chicken by-products into pet food and livestock feed ingredients. Bill’s son, Mark, started work for the company in 1968.

Bill Simmons (r) inspects breeder hen in this 1961 photo.
Bill Simmons in Poultry House 1963
Bill Simmons and plant manager Thad Hale inspect packages of chicken that is ready for shipping.

1970s – Vertical Integration and growth.
In 1974, following the death of his father, Mark Simmons was elected President. Under his leadership, the company rapidly became vertically integrated. Early projects included the construction of a hatchery in Siloam Springs and the acquisition of a feed mill.

1980s – Decade of acquisition and expansion.
The 80s was a decade of acquisitions and internal expansion. In 1987, Mark Simmons (L) was named Chairman and CEO. Later, Mark’s son, Todd (R), joined Simmons as an hourly team member, worked his way through the company and today is COO.

Mark and Todd Simmons

1990s – Business to business customer concentration.
In the late 1990s, our management dramatically shifted the company’s focus. Rather than investing company resources to build our own consumer brands, we made a strategic decision to concentrate on our business-to-business customers. We focus on maintaining our long-term relationships by developing new products and following emerging trends.

2000s – In the top ten.
As a business-to-business poultry company, we focus on customizing chicken products in foodservice and retail. Today, we are one of the country’s top ten privately held poultry processors with operations in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.